Wayne State University

2018 Winners

Let's congratulate our 2018 High School Writing Competition Winners!

Sophia Gawel

Sophia Gawel-Frankel Jewish Academy (1st Place: Non-Fiction)                                     

 It's Unorthodox to Wear Tefillin

Abstract: An exploration into the ways that morning prayer and wearing tefillin impacted her connection to Judaism and its relationship between gender and tradition

Lily Kollin

Lily Kollin-North Farmington High School (1st Place: Poetry)                                                                                 

I Am A Jew

Abstract: Lily expresses how being Jewish guides her in her everyday life, and the courage it gives her to speak out when encountered with uncomfortable situations

David A. Keyes

David A. Keyes-Mesivta High School (Honorable Mention)                                                   

Jewish Light on Immigration

Abstract: An exploration into the relationship and similarities between Dreamers and DACA, and Jewish immigration going back to the 19th and early 20th centuries.